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My name is George Matheis.  Known better in the tactical community as “mercop”.  I retired from law enforcement in 2007 after almost two decades of service.  It was at that time I formed Modern Combative Systems LLC.   MCS provides personal protection and preparedness training to citizens, military, and law enforcement.  MCS was selected to create the edged weapon curriculum for the Air Force Special Operations DAGRE (Deployed Aircraft Response Element) in 2007.  Currently, I continue to work with the Air Force as an adjunct instructor for SCG, teaching High Threat Driving  at the Air Adviser Program at Ft. Dix NJ.

In 2009, I was hired by Safety And Awareness For Everyone to be their lead instructor and curriculum developer.  SAFE was created  in response to the need for common sense, principle based training for hospitals, academic institutions, and corporations.  Courses cover a wide array of topics from patient restraint to active shooter response.  Three SAFE courses have recently been accredited by University of Iowa.

One of my pastimes is cigar smoking, and I found while traveling for trade shows, and courses,  I would find myself in a local cigar shop.  Being one to blend all things I like, it was only natural that myself and a friend create The Men’s Room Online.  While visiting local shops and cigar events, I quickly learned guys who like cigars usually like guns, knives, tactical nylon, and all things tactical.

Over the years, I have worked with companies like Alpha Innovations, Columbia River Knife and Tool, RMJ Tactical, Treeman Knives, SO Tech, Diamondback Tactical, Woolrich, ESS, and countless up and coming knife and gear makers.

Some say that I have a knack for fusion marketing, which my definition of is taking two different products or services, represented by good people and bringing them together for mutual benefit.

Since it seemed that I was spending more and more time marketing and providing marketing advice inside the tactical community, I decided to start Tactical Marketing under the Modern Combative Systems LLC umbrella.

Initial consultations are always free.  Just call 717-889-1753 or e-mail me at  I want to hear about your ideas and needs.  Give me a call or drop me a line today.- George